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National Ladies Auxiliary SAR

National Ladies Auxiliary, Sons of the American Revolution

Last Modified:
September 6, 2018

Ladies Auxiliary fundraising efforts support the SAR programs and objectives by providing assistance to the Library and underfunded committees and projects.  Our support is to further enhance the SAR historical, educational and patriotic objectives.

The main fundraising efforts of the National Ladies Auxiliary are directed to the Center for Advancing America's Heritage. All gifts enable the National Society Sons of the American Revolution to continue its quest of becoming the foremost repository of Revolutionary War era documents and artifacts.

Questions about fundraising of the organization can be directed to the Second Vice President.

Mistress Molly, lovingly handcrafted by NLASAR 2nd Vice President Linda Wood, has found a new home in Maine following the Houston Congress in July 2018.

Mistress Molly has a wardrobe of Revolutionary War styles hand made using colonial era sewing techniques. She has a number of caps and aprons in styles and fabric typical of that time.

A colonial woman would wear one or more petticoats (skirts) over a shift and stays with either an open fronted dress or jacket with stomacher or a closed front dress or jacket.

Louisville Congress Fundraising

Valerie Wilke captured the nativity scene
donated by Joan Sherman

Theresa Wilcox (l.) wins the quilt
donated by Linda Moran (r.)

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