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National Ladies Auxiliary SAR

National Ladies Auxiliary, Sons of the American Revolution

Last Modified:
July 30, 2017

The main fundraising efforts of the National Ladies Auxiliary are directed to the Center for Advancing America's Heritage. All gifts enable the National Society Sons of the American Revolution to continue its quest of becoming the foremost repository of Revolutionary War era documents and artifacts.

Construction of a new genealogical library will enable the NSSAR to expand upon its already outstanding collection of military and genealogical records, books, manuscripts and other pertinent historical materials. All of these items will be available to scholars and the public for genealogical and historical research.

Questions about fundraising of the organization can be directed to the Second Vice President.

Louisville Congress Fundraising

Valerie Wilke captured the nativity scene
donated by Joan Sherman

Theresa Wilcox (l.) wins the quilt
donated by Linda Moran (r.)

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