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National Ladies Auxiliary SAR

National Ladies Auxiliary, Sons of the American Revolution

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September 13, 2018
September 2018
Sep. 27-29 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall Leadership (Trustees) Meeting NLASAR Fall Ladies Luncheon: The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum and Victorian Tea See flier.

The Ladies Auxiliary meeting is open to all Leadership attendees and will be held at 10:00 a,m on Friday in the Ballroom on the 16th floor of the Brown Hotel at 10:00 a.m.
Speaker: Venie Hinson “Baskets of the Colonial Era”. See flier

Conrad-Caldwell House
July 2018
Jul. 14-18 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 128th Annual Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution NLASAR Hospitality Room is located on the 3nd floor, Hibiscus Room 1 & 2

Immediately following the NSSAR Memorial Service at the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church on Sunday July 15, 2018 is the First Lady's Tea open to all SAR Ladies.

Ladies Auxiliary Executive Board closed meeting will be held in the Cottonwood Room of the Houston Westin Memorial City Hotel on Monday morning July 16, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. following the congress opening.

The NLASAR meeting will be held following the Youth Awards Luncheon on Monday afternoon July 16, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. on the second floor, Magnolia Ballrooms one and two. The speaker will be Carolina Castillo Crimm, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus from Sam Houston State University. See flier.

The Ladies Luncheon is Tuesday July 17 and will be held at the Junior League of Houston. The speakers will be curators from the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. See flier.

Carolina Castillo Crimm
March 2018
Mar. 1-4 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring Leadership (Trustees) Meeting NLASAR board meeting Friday March 2, 2018, 8:00 a.m. in the Brown Hotel 3rd Floor Boardroom

NLASAR general meeting Friday, March 2, 2018, 10.00 a.m. 16th Floor, Brown Hotel followed by
a program on “Unsung Heroines of the American Revolution” presented by Kay

NLASAR luncheon Saturday March 3, 2018, 16th floor, Brown Hotel. Speaker Steve Vest, Editor and Publisher.
Be sure to make luncheon reservations.

Kay Anderson

Steve Vest
September 2017
Sept 28-30 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker: Nancy Billings
Title: “Is This Bigger Than a Breadbox?”
Event flyer
Ladies Luncheon
Allan Steinberg,featured speaker for the First Lady's Luncheon

June-July 2015
June 26 - July 1 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 125th Annual Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution Featured Speaker: Kelly A. Ryan, Ph.D.
Title: "Creating a Chaste Republic: Efforts to “Clean Up” Sexuality in Massachusetts 1780-1820 Republic”
Event flyer

Kelly A. Ryan
March 2015
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring 2015 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker: Un Hui Yi
Title: "Korean Traditional Dance”
Event flyer

Un Hui Yi
September 2014
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall 2014 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker: Mark C. Anthony
Title: "The Revolution as told by its Flags”
VPG - South Atlantic Division
Event flyer

Mark C. Anthony
July 2014
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 124th Annual Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution Featured Speaker: Nancy Bunch
Title: "Collections of the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion”
Curator & Tour Director
Event flyer

Governor's Mansion
February 2014
Feb. 28
Mar. 01
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring 2014 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker: Featured Speaker: Joseph W. Dooley
Title: "Irish Patriots of the American Revolution”
SAR President General
Event flyer

Joseph W. Dooley
September 2013
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall 2013 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker: Bruce Maney
Title: "The Colonial Traveling Trunk, an Educational Experience”
Georgia Society SAR Regional Vice President
Event flyer

Bruce Maney
July 2013
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 123rd Annual Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution Featured Speaker: John W. Forbes
Title: "The Life of Sarah Ruddell 1768-1865”
Kansas Society SAR State Historian
Event flyer

John W. Forbes
March 2013
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring 2013 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker: Robert F. Towns
Title: "Frauncis Tavern . . . where it all began”
Historian General NSSAR
Event flyer

Robert F. Towns
September 2012
Sep. 28-30 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall 2012 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker: Colleen Wilson
Title: Washington Crossing the Delaware, History through Art
Bio: Acting Director, Center For Advancing America’s Heritage
Event flyer

Colleen Wilson
July 2012
Jul. 6-11 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 122nd Annual Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution Featured Speaker: Ann Howard
Title: The Ancient Hohokam Indians of Southern Arizona
Bio: Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer of Archaeology, Arizona State Parks
Event flyer

Ann Howard
March 2012
Mar. 2-3 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring 2012 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker: Stephen A. McLeod
Bio: Assistant to the President and CEO at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum and Gardens. He holds a BA in communications from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, and an MA in history, with additional certification in museum studies, from Florida State University, Tallahassee. He has worked with the Florida Department of State’s Division of Historical Resources, and England’s National Trust.

McLeod was editor of "The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association: 150 Years of Restoring George Washington's Home" (2010), and "Dining with the Washingtons: Historic Recipes, Entertaining and Hospitality from Mount Vernon" (2011).
Event flyer

Stephen A. McLeod
September 2011
Sep. 30
Oct. 1
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall 2011 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker: Janet Jarrett
"Redwork Yesterday and Today"

Event flyer

Janet Jarrett
July 2011
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 121st Annual Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution Featured Speaker: Josh Howard
"Research Historians and the Revolution"

Event flyer

Josh Howard
March 2011
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring 2011 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speakers
Past NSSAR First Ladies: "Those Were the Days"

Event flyer
September 2010
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall 2010 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker
Tori Murden McClure  "A Pearl in the Storm"

Event flyer

Tori Murden McClure
June 2010
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Congress John J. Grabowski (bio)
"George Washington at Western Reserve Historical Society: A review of collections both mundane and wonderful relating to our first president"

Bylaw Revision

Event Flyer

John J. Grabowski
March 2010
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring 2010 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker
Mary Park  "Dutch Women of the American Revolution"

Event flyer

Mary Park
September 2009
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall 2009 Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker
Billie Brock
"Little Known Women of the Revolution"

Event flyer

Billie Brock
July 2009
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 119th Congress Featured Speakers
Camille R. Baxter and Robin R. Towns, NLASAR members
"The Salzburgers: Georgia Pioneers" - The presenters are descendants of the two brave women who they portray, Maria Riedelsperger Eischperger, the immigrant from Salzburg in Bavaria, and her daughter, Mary Eischperger Greiner, who was born in Georgia. They share the story of hardships, triumphs and the struggles of the American Revolution of the early Georgia Colony.

Towns, Baxter
March 2009
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker
Abigail Adams played by Kim Hanley
Kim is an actor, dancer, singer, choreographer and costume designer who has loved history all of her life.

Kim Hanley
July 2008
NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 118th Congress Featured Speaker
Benjamin Franklin played by Dick Fowler
For some time, whenever I wore my SAR uniform, people have likened me to Benjamin Franklin and often call me “Ben.” My objective is to play “Benjamin Franklin” and tell you about his involvement with the American Revolution.

Dick Fowler
February 2008
Feb. 22-23 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker
Stephen Vest, Editor of the Kentucky Monthly and SAR Magazine

September 2007
Sep 28 - 29 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall Leadership (Trustees) Meeting Featured Speaker

July 2007
Jul 6-11 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 117th Annual Congress Featured Speaker
Janea Whitacre
Colonial Williamsburg Millinery
Janea's program will be illustrated in clothing and accessories as she talks about the Colonial Williamsburg Millinery trade. You will be drawn into the world of Margaret Brodie Mathews: Mantua-maker, mother, survivor of the revolution and wife of a spy.

Col. Williamsburg
February 2007
Feb 22-25 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring 2007 Leadership Meeting Featured Speaker
Helen Newton
Maine Mystique
Helen will delight us with "Maine Mystique", cultural information she learned upon her arrival as a resident in the state of Maine.

Helen Newton
September 2006
Sept. 28-30 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall 2006 Leadership Meeting Featured Speaker
James J. Holmberg
"By His Own Hand?: The Mysterious Death of Meriwether Lewis"
Jim will discuss Lewis's tragic death in October 1809 in Tennessee and the suicide vs. murder debate that rages still today.

James J. Holmberg
July 2006
July 8 - 12 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR 116th Annual Congress Featured Speakers
Jim & Mary Lynn Johnson
"The Arts of the American Revolution - Painting through the eyes of John Trumbull, Literature through the books of Thomas Jefferson, and 18th Century Music through the keyboard of Mary Lynn Johnson."

Jim & Mary Lynn Johnson
February 2006
Feb. 24-25 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring Leadership Meeting Featured Speaker
Sylvia Marrs
"Exploring American Indian Music"

Sylvia Marrs
September 2005
Sep. 30-Oct. 1 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall Trustee's Meeting Featured Speaker
Karin Guzy
"Arranged for You"
Karin will give us some new ideas about patriotic flower arranging for those many occasions that we decorate for banquets and luncheons and even grave dedications! Karin recently launched her website http://www.arrangingsupplies.com to offer learning and supplies for this ancient art form.

Karin Guzy
July 2005
Jul. 4-6 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Congress Featured Speaker
Suzanne Fife
"George Washington Through the Eyes of Martha"
Suzanne Homan Fife portrays "Martha Washington" bringing highlights of the life and times of her husband George Washington from childhood to death.

Suzanne Fife
March 2005
Mar. 11-12 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring Trustee's Meeting Featured Speaker
Kathy Watson
"Spy Letters of the Revolution"
During the revolution, intelligence letters were used frequently by both the British and American forces. These letters contained information regarding the military strategies of the opposing force, usually obtained by spy networks. This method and other methods (e.g. invisible ink, secret codes) will be explored in this informational session on the “Spy Letters of the Revolution”.

Kathy Watson
September 2004
Sep. 24-25 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Fall Trustee's Meeting Featured Speaker
Kay Nelson
"The Role of Women in the Revolution"
Everyone is proud to have a patriot ancestor in their family. But if you look at a list of those patriots, with very few exceptions, they are all men. Have you ever wondered what women were doing during the struggle for independence? We take a look at what women were doing during the colonial period and how their lives changed during the Revolutionary War.

Kay Nelson
July 2004
Jul. 5-7 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Congress Featured Speaker
Franklin LaCava
"The Story of the Fort Pitt Blockhouse"
Franklin began his professional career as a correspondent for the Greensburg Tribune-Review and he joined the Fayette County Historical Society to get story ideas. The group operated a small museum in the Searight Tollhouse on the old National Road. They asked him to volunteer and he was hooked. After a two year stint as President of that organization and five summers in the tollhouse, he wrote a book, "Bake Slow and Sure: Heirloom Recipes of the National Road Era." The book was placed the book at the Fort Pitt Museum and Franklin was asked to work there for the summer. The DAR ladies read the book and asked him to work at the Blockhouse as curator were he has been since September, 2002.

Franklin LaCava
February 2004
Feb. 27-28 NLASAR Meeting - NSSAR Spring Trustee's Meeting Featured Speaker
Anne Donahue Lampman
"of Small Things Remembered"
a discussion of archeological finds at Mount Vernon and the conclusions drawn from the artifacts about the everyday lives of the Washington family, the mansion slaves, the field hands and the overseer's family.
Anne Donahue Lampman
Anne Donahue Lampman

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